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UX Designer focused on human interaction through neuroscience. Graduated in Information Systems and Postgraduate in Neuroscience and Applied Psychology.

Roxinho Neon



Graduated in exact sciences, working in humanities/business and postgraduate studies in health. That makes sense? Follow the reasoning that I explain better! Graduated in Information Systems, which brings the basis for the construction of any system. Some important knowledge I gained in IS: planning, interfacing in natural language, research and documentation. With all this, I got involved with User Experience and I work in the area looking to discover and rediscover people's routine, in order to create more assertive and cool digital products. After all, nothing better to put the user at the center of the experience than understanding this human being. And, to help me with this objective, the best path was to move on to Neuroscience and Applied Psychology, focusing on building studies focused on attentional resources in consumption behaviors and cognitive expenditure in the real journey of the mobile user. All this with the purpose of being responsible because of a Wow experience in people while I worship the personal pillars of communication, assertiveness and positioning.

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É você ler "roxinho" e saber de qual aplicativo estou falando.

UX é uma criança e um idoso saberem como colocar seu video preferido no YouTube.

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UX está na calçada larga da Avenida Paulista. Na música tema de Vingadores.

Percebe essas sensações? Aí está o UX. E eu estou aqui para fazer mais empresas e negócios conquistarem isso.

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